Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Contact Dermatitis Treatment More Condition_symptoms Contact Dermatitis On My Eyelid! Please HELP!?

Contact Dermatitis on my eyelid! Please HELP!? - contact dermatitis treatment more condition_symptoms

Hello to all ... I had contact dermatitis on my eyelids for a few months. I do not know what it is for the first time and was from the state so I needed some time to see my dermatologist. I walked about 3 weeks and have in the course of prednisone (5 mg) and Locoid cream (recorded 0.1%) to. He left the first week, but back then. Now in my second week of steroids, is still widespread and has winced under my eyelid. Itch like crazy and I lost almost all of my left eye lashes. I hardly wore makeup, so I'm not sure what causes it. I fear that the spread again, while I am with my treatment. Does anyone have any suggestions? Have you never heard? It is a terrible lack of confidence. :-(


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