Friday, December 11, 2009

Dune Buggy Shop Nj How Do I Get A Car Registered Which Has No Papers/plates And Has Sat For Years?

How do I get a car registered which has no papers/plates and has sat for years? - dune buggy shop nj

I answered an ad in the newspaper and had just purchased a VW Beetle 1971st The car had no plates and papers I could find. There were some indications that the car sat for a number of years, but realized that it's a project. The seller said he bought at an auction, with the intention of their (good) engine for a sand rail buggy, but like many other aspects of good quality takes time. Once paid, I can not provide sales invoices, that I think I should. It was as if the seller believes that since he left the car at home is very cheap, it was someone else, and if they do, there should be more represented, or to lose instead. What could have made the effort, but began at around strange for something. The seller has easily found a store in one place, so it's not like I can not find it, and it seems to hide, hes just a strange person irritable and grouchy.


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