Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kawasaki Syndrome. More Condition_symptoms What Is Your Opinion On The RotaTeq Vaccine?

What is your opinion on the RotaTeq vaccine? - kawasaki syndrome. more condition_symptoms

Of course, I am looking for guidance from people who have done their research.

On the one hand, there were also cases of intussusception surgery is required and causing the death of some, which were caused by the vaccine. A vaccine against rotavirus, was previously withdrawn from the market because the cause of many serious cases of intussusception.

Furthermore, (rotavirus causes many hospitalizations and even death are caused by dehydration usually lead). Deaths are more common in the developing world, where the children do not get medical help immediately for preventing dehydration.

Most children at some point the rotavirus one or more times anyway, but it is much less serious.

Which is worse? Risk their child is sick with rotavirus, which causes vomiting and cause diarrhea and severe dehydration and death or the risk that their child has a negative reaction to the vaccine and ending with intussusception required surgical and possibly lead to death or, if possible, use the Kawasaki syndrome?

Unfortunately, orThere is a vaccine can not be moved because it is not much. Its good or not.

Even when someone's position by Dr. Sears about this recording in the book of vaccines? I copy my phone. Thank you.


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