Sunday, January 17, 2010

1 Troy Ounce Silver Mt Silver Will The 1.oz Silver Coins Collapse With The Dollar Or Is It Just The Paper Notes?

Will the 1.oz silver coins collapse with the dollar or is it just the paper notes? - 1 troy ounce silver mt silver

Although the question of what happens with the silver coins of America, where the dollar crashes, you lose too much value retained because it has .. 1 ounce of silver?

What is your opnion of gold and silver futures prices ..?

What do you think the Federal Reserve ..?


Mr. DC Economist said...

Gold and silver have a negative correlation with the dollar, economy, particularly the U.S.. If the economy is bad, the value of gold rises. The money is much more volatile than gold.

Mogollon Dude said...

Silver and gold always have value. The accident Fiat paper dollar from gold and silver, prices are rising and up.

Trevor S said...

American Silver Eagles rise in value if the dollar collapses.

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