Monday, January 25, 2010

Rabbit Cages Austin, Tx How Do You Get Rid Of Bugs In Rabbit Cages?

How do you get rid of bugs in rabbit cages? - rabbit cages austin, tx

My rabbit has a booth where you can go inside and out, now they can for black beetle with a long torso and small head and then there are small beetles and centipedes for two to dig into the chips. Aremys not rabbits at risk. And what do I do with the errors?
(I have enough money to replace the cage)
Thank you ... Jean


redneckg... said...

Well, you have to do is to empty and wash the cage with a 50:50-solution of vinegar and water. or you can use some Zaps bleach.either one.There aerosol is in him. is a disinfectant and fresh pine shavings deodorizer.put again and make sure you clean the cage once week.your may be brought into the field when Zaps helps clear them.hope

Daniel L said...

I've heard that the cleaning of the cage and wash thoroughly. Use wood chips, such as Aspen, instead of conifers and cedars.

Apparently, while their damage is not good as something of cedar, not for your pets.

shelby26... said...

Is the box to take his water hose and spread in all the beds and the cottage and other contaminants. Then the cage is completely dry. Who should take care of your problem wrong. Be sure to clean the cage once or twice a month to drive out mosquitoes.

Kamikaze... said...

In addition to the purchase of a metal cage with a slide tray that lets you clean the cage often, there is no alternative, but the weekly cleaning. It is better to dry grass or hay on the log, then take the mess and put it in the trash.
Part of the responsibility of the owner of a pet is to care for your pet. Feed and love your pet and they will be happy. ...

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