Saturday, January 9, 2010

Organic Cotton Diapers Organic Cloth Diaper Choices Help Needed Please!?

Organic cloth diaper choices help needed please!? - organic cotton diapers

What I most appreciate the expert help of the mother on what are some of the best value (cost of) options for organic cloth diapers! As a layman in this book (which I have not used before the seventh generation, but we are currently using very pricy!), I need help with:
1. Best Brands proposal? Cheaper price? I found 9.99 to $ 26 (I saw ecomall), which have hundreds of choices!
2. Number of classes begin
3. Number Benders (biological please specify) - Bamboo cotton are better than cotton or hemp?
4. Number of organic blankets - I need one or two or more? Wool is a natural choice as the natural vegetation? What is the price to pay realistic? So far I have found that 27 to $ 40?
5. They are larger than the fixed size?
Thank you !!!!! much


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