Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 Mercedes Sprinter I Am Looking To Find A Company That Makes A Trailer Hitch For A 2010 Mercedes (E350 Sports Version)?

I am looking to find a company that makes a trailer hitch for a 2010 mercedes (E350 sports version)? - 2010 mercedes sprinter

I prefer someone who can do the dishes, wiring harness and installation. Closer Tampa, Florida, the better.


ChevyPri... said...

does not sound like a ** hole in their heads, but could use a Benz car to tow anything if you have a Mercedes and you want to use it for towing, you should have hit a van is not a car

happy2b_... said...

Try the dealer where you bought it. When you touch any other for the wiring of the safety check.

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