Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To Wear Neck Tie Pin Making A Cape For Social Work Graduation, But It Has To Be Simple...please Help!?

Making a cape for social work graduation, but it has to be simple...please help!? - how to wear neck tie pin

Ok, so I was in college in social work this weekend, and my class () about 14 of us want to use layers to the ceremony because he about how social work is negotiating the next thing that can turn people into superheroes. (You know, save the world and everything.) Anyway, I offered to make the damn things, but now I try to find a way to unite on. You can give the clothes, because the people are dressed very well. You can not the neck, because then you will not be able to see the emblem on the back. Basically, we must find a way, those who join do not endanger people or equipment in caps and gowns to Nice. Ideas?


Dr_Adven... said...

Make flexible magnets that can be planted on the neck of the layer and then a magnet for people can be used in clothing. The key is a magnetic stripe, have relatively long, because the weight is very high (often around a flexible magnets are not very strong).


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