Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Install Tile Around A Bath Tub Installing Ceramic Tiles In Unconventionally Shaped Tub Enclosure?

Installing ceramic tiles in Unconventionally shaped tub enclosure? - install tile around a bath tub

We have a bungalow rather small and the bathroom is on the 2nd Floor. The tub / shower is against an outside wall partly under the roof. Given the strange surroundings, the last time I was back in the bathroom I suggested, with slabs of vinyl siding, which seem to play instead of tiled bath with new ceramic that a big mistake. No amount of caulking and sealing the edges stopped leaching backup of water under the boards, and in a year, most walls are intended damp patches. I wanted to try one of bathing water in the form and see what they say, but I fear that the price for cutting and assembly in question. Now that we decided to start all the other things and installing new tiles, my question is: What & # 039, s the best way "to end" the tables that are aligned with the tub? If the old tiles is that we still have gaps and cracks in the joints between the upper edge of the tub and the edge of the tile, so I wanted to test the panels in place. My tank is cast iron, is a new kind of light. It is small, but has some give. I think the deal could "be caused by cracks and crevices, and a new set of issues - such as how to grout / seal around the edges so that it does not happen?" Should we have a special kind of support frame around the tub ? You probably need to run the cement board anyway, if it should reinforce the tub needs to be a problem ...


rob s said...

You've answered most of his own question. Most plumbers and people who install, support properly the edges of the tub w / o 1x2 or 1x4s Besides Don t screw the flange to the studs. Ll never stop full flexion, but with extra help. I have a suggestion that people generally do not protect water, the better. It's putting green edge, then in a cement-panel set. You need to get a tile W and a special card that has a cutting capacity. (A4200 or A106 is the most common 2) All tables in this way that we have the configuration panel of cement (w / vapor barrier) directly to the post. Any other questions, please send an e-mail about my avatar and check my notes GL

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