Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blob Of Cervical Mucus Concerned About What That Was And Shouldnt I Have Already Started? Please Answer?

Concerned about what that was and shouldnt i have already started? please answer? - blob of cervical mucus

Some of you may remember me, the question is raised by a bright point of the cervical mucus, with a strip of red blood cells in the .... and I thought, there are these 4 days, so I thought my period came the next day or so ..... and nothing but ... What might have been? If this has happened 4 days ago, should not have started my period? I'm soooo confused!


TTCfor 8Mths said...

You do not know if it helps, but I'm also involved in ovulation late ovulation could have?

If it ovulation or implantation Do not waste your time or at all.

Good luck x

Elzi said...

If it is then 6 to 12 days after ovulation it could be implantation bleeding!

If your time is already, you should take a pregnancy test. FIRST RESPONSE recommend are fairly inexpensive fast result so sensitive and youbuy Woolworths / Safeway (if you live in Australia).

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