Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bra Sizes Comparison With Pictures How Can I Determine My Girlfriend's Bra Size?

How can I determine my girlfriend's bra size? - bra sizes comparison with pictures

I know that the "simple Go ahead and ask:" option, but not quite sure. She believes that it is a C-cup. (Incidentally, because they do not personally to me now I can not speak through his method of measuring tape.)
There is also the method of comparison of fruit, and as I read a C-Cup is apparently the same size of an orange, can you tell me, maybe the average size of an orange?


Lorna said...

One cup lemon juice
B-cup orange
C-cup grapefruit
D-cup melon
and beyond Watermelons

If this is a small framed girl, maybe 34-36
Middle perhaps 36-38
You can check online at Victoria Secret, which measures depend on the cup.

Codys G said...

BH and if someone ac and put some oranges in the bra and put the oranges in the bra and see if they match. Use this method if all else fails. searous an orange is fully supporting the size of the AC. would simply not have the orange in the business with you.

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