Saturday, February 13, 2010

Admission Fees For Cineplex Odean Theatres Are Schools Right In Asking For Donation Amt As A Part Of Admission Fees?

Are schools right in asking for donation amt as a part of admission fees? - admission fees for cineplex odean theatres

Is it legal? if not, which one do against such practices?


Devarajan N said...

It is especially a problem in India only to my knowledge. This is because it is a habit, good schools and schools Engilish exploit this situation. I'm sure there are States in India, where it is illegal. But the schools are not producing a receipt of payment and if queerry, call the volunteer and the problem was to report to higher authorities, simply return the gift and asked to return the child. It is a curse. Only a desperate fight against the corruption of government and non-governmental organizations to tackle this problem together

manish s said...

nt of their right to ask for donations as part of the official entry
s your school DNT PDB illegal trust his cabinet ...

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