Thursday, November 5, 2009

Angina More Condition_symptoms How Many Types Of Angina Are There?

How many types of angina are there? - angina more condition_symptoms

I know stable, (, Printzmetal also known as variant), unstable, Vincent. I saw a television program listed in Ludwig's angina (which I never heard of it) and I wonder if there was more.


Le MAURICIEN said...

Angina pectoris is the term for heart disease with a decrease in coronary blood flow to take into consideration.
His presentation led to several different names, for example. Stable, Printzmetal, unstable, and so on. There is also another type of group that describes pain in the chest in supine decubitus angina IE
The name of angina pectoris was also used to describe not heart disease, such as angina Ludwig for a sore throat
Angina is a pain in the thigh and the buttocks while walking is a manifestation of the syndrome Le Riche.
I hope that answers your question.

The Saint said...

These are the only ones I know of. Some people are not silent angina MIS.

S said...

Here is a link to Ludwig's angina. ...

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