Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hiv More Condition_symptoms Pictures Will Lifting The Ban On HIV Infected People Entering The US Get More Men To Wear Protection?

Will lifting the ban on HIV infected people entering the US get more men to wear protection? - hiv more condition_symptoms pictures

Do you think that the Obama movement, the prohibition of people infected with HIV lift our country - we help or harm us? Do you think this is a decision good or bad? Do you think it will change the behavior of sex in our country?


Sean said...

I think it was a stupid move, we have more people with AIDS in America.

Sex is not the only way to get AIDS, only one of many.

maxmom said...

Given the advances in HIV treatment is no longer the death sentence already. Is now a treatable disease.

I see no reason to let someone use this as a reason or not.

Than sex in our country, if people are not aware that you have the use of condoms year now live in a closet.

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