Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whats Myammee Doing Now Flavor Of Love 3 Reunion: Recap!!?

Flavor of love 3 reunion: Recap!!? - whats myammee doing now

I suspect that a good thing Flav his head shaved, peanuts, and it was like this is actually.

The meeting started slowly but picked up when Sommore than some girls and Flav back a little, it was fun.

Shy is beautiful, hot breath of the new and see everything, too lol! But I felt really where it comes from and how the show was affected. I thought that was pretty nice, as it happened and how his mother suffered Prancer's mother was the same.

Since weaving was a hot mess! I thought that given the Hair Outta Control trees. Since only a cold heart-B ** ch (I do not know he had 2 children)

The only thing that is good that as Myammee was created to be raised out of the house would have sold. One could say that it will be processed the rear outta the show meeting.

Thing 1 p.m. to 2 a.m., although looked good, and I must say I'm glad Flav did not stay with T2, it would have broke my heart, he looked very sad

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