Friday, November 6, 2009

The Big Store Megavideo Do You Think Working Retail In A Big Department Store Like Kmart Or Home Depo Is One Of The Worst Jobs ?

Do you think working retail in a big department store like kmart or home depo is one of the worst jobs ? - the big store megavideo

Do you think that is the work in a store like Kmart or Home Depo one of the worst jobs?

With all the things that I know there are many worse jobs to work, but we can exclude the importance of this issue.


Doctor Deth said...

Their work is safer than working in a small retail business - probably better than advantages

colemanb... said...

I work for Walmart. No, I do not think either one of the worst jobs out there.
I have air conditioning / heating in the workplace.
I am aware managers.
I have a good friend at work.
I have a good pension plan (not much).
I have adequate benefits.

Rachel said...

Not at all. The living wage and more hours in the shops in the pedestrian zone. Also you can learn more from a variety ... Cashiers, shelves, unloading trucks, customer support.

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