Saturday, November 7, 2009

Flash Memory Types Transcend 1gb High Speed 80x Compactflash Card When Choosing A Xd Flash Memory For My Camera, Does The Camera Speed Matter?

When choosing a Xd flash memory for my camera, does the camera speed matter? - flash memory types transcend 1gb high speed 80x compactflash card

I'm going to buy an xD flash memory in a few days, but as the world has two types, M and H, although I found a line of trade in a Memory Card Type H, I need to know only one thing: Can I have a map H fastspeed not follow, but my camera is capable of the speed of the card? So, basically, how a camera can use all the cards, or do I have a memory card, some speed cameras?


Devil Dog '73 said...

In fact, some cameras, Fujifilm, and Olympus is a standard format to read (there's a difference of more than a simple read / write speed), regardless of the actual speed capabilities. Consult the operating instructions and use this version of the list, even though it sooner than you think you need. If you can, then get the card faster speed. If you decide to come to replace your camera in the next few years, then it is likely that the broadband (technology), the card with the new camera is compatible. Even if you have a card reader for high-speed downloading to your computer, the card fastest way to reduce the charge / discharge time, even if the performance of aircraft is not only affected by the skills of the fastest cards.
Remember that there is a one-time costs, so a little more money for additional options not a bad idea.

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