Friday, November 6, 2009

Gluten Sensitivity More Condition_symptoms Does Anyone Have Information About Breast Feeding And Gluten Sensitivity?

Does anyone have information about breast feeding and Gluten sensitivity? - gluten sensitivity more condition_symptoms

My first son and husband are intolerant to gluten. Only recently gave birth to a child, the 6 weeks. Recently, it became increasingly demanding and stomach pain. Has anyone information about the gluten that affects babies? Until last Saturday, I stopped eating gluten.


whitehar... said...

i corn and wheat allergies. Kitchen eating gluten free and easy quick fix without special wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, yeast or refined sugar, both by Dr. Carol window ... gluten-free gourmet food fast and healthy by Bette Hagman. These are the three best I ever found. Visit your local library to see what they have, before buying, then check and I can not answer your question, but I think what you are recording directly affect your baby for breastfeeding.

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